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Puerto Morelos government official dies after being shot while at a cafe

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — An official of the municipal government of Puerto Morelos was shot to death Wednesday morning while at a cafe. The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo has confirmed the shooting death of Ignacio Sánchez Cordero.

The agency said that as a result of the injuries sustained, he lost his life in a private hospital in Puerto Morelos. The Prosecutor’s Office added that a search operation has already begun to locate those involved.

Reports say that Sánchez Cordero was in a cafe in the Pescadores neighborhood in the company of three others when an armed man entered and shot him several times before fleeing.

Puerto Morelos City Council confirmed that he died shortly after being admitted. Sánchez Cordero was an official with the government of Puerto Morelos, holding the position of municipal secretary for Social Development and candidate for the upcoming mayor position. His death was a targeted attack.

Puerto Morelos mayor Laura Fernández Piña condemned his murder saying this is not the way people live in Puerto Morelos.

“We will not allow impunity or unscrupulous people to seek to impose their will on the law or on the life of those of us who live here,” she said. “We are a peaceful city and that is how we will continue to live. The bullets of hatred that today have taken the life of my friend Ignacio Sánchez will not achieve the purpose of bending us. On the contrary, his legacy will make us stronger, bigger, invincible,” she added.

“Today, we cry for the departure of Ignacio Sánchez and at the same time we ask for justice, prompt and expeditious justice, justice for those who were one of us and punishment against those who committed this atrocity,” she stressed.

Laura Fernández said that Sánchez Cordero, who was a candidate for the upcoming mayor position and who was to present his resignation as Secretary of Social Development next week in order to pursue the opening, was a collaborator committed to the well-being of Puerto Morelos families as well as a personal friend. Sánchez Cordero leaves behind a wife and daughters.