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Two Playa del Carmen women arrested for animal abuse after setting dog’s head on fire

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two women accused of dousing a dog with gasoline then setting him on fire have been arrested. On Friday, the State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrests of Elsa “L” and Francisca “D”, “who are accused of allegedly injuring a canine, which suffered serious burns.”

The women were taken into custody two weeks after the incident. On June 18, neighbors of the women reportedly witnessed them pouring gasoline on the dog’s face and head then lighting it for stealing a chicken egg.

The dog “Valentin”, has since been transferred to a specizlied animal hospital in the city of Merida where he continues to be voluntarily treated.

Valentin continues treatment in Merida. Doctors say he can hear but they are still unsure if he can see. Photo: FGE

In their statement, the FGE reported that both Elsa “L” and Fransisca “D” were arrested “for their probable participation in crimes of animal abuse to the detriment of a dog named “Valentín”.

“The event for which they were arrested occurred on June 18 of this year when Francisca “D” reprimanded “Valentín” in the courtyard of a home located in Invasión las Torres of Playa del Carmen to later injure him with the help of Elsa ” L”, an act that was observed by a witness.”

Veterinarians in Merida who are treating Valentin have said that he can hear, however, due to the extent of his burns, they still do not know if he can see.