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Two injured after Cancun combi driver crashes into tree

Cancun, Q.R. — Two women were left injured after a Cancun combi driver slammed his unit into a tree. The accident was reported to authorities Wednesday morning in Region 247.

According to the police report, Transporte Terrestre Estatal (TTE) combi driver Kevin N, lost control on a curve due to a combination of speed and wet roads while traveling along Avenida Los Tules around 9:10 a.m. His vehicle left the road and climbed a median where he then slammed into a tree.

The exterior of the driver’s door was sheared from the van, while the front was also heavily damaged. Inside the unit, passengers Marcela N, 35 years old and Jessica N, 27, were injured. They were transferred to hospital by paramedics.

A tow truck arrived to remove the crashed unit, while firefighters were left to clean the oil residue and pieces of van left from the crash. The public transport unit was noted circulating city streets without license plates.