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Two female jaguars rescued as pups released into Riviera Maya jungle

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Federal officials have released two jaguars into the jungle of Riviera Maya. Semarnat, in coordination with Fonatur, released two female jaguars in Quintana Roo after being rescued as pups four years earlier.

The pair of female jaguars were released into the wild by Semarnat (Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) in coordination with personnel from Fonatur (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo).

The animals, which are listed as in danger of extinction were, released after being rescued four years ago in Calakmul. They were raised on the Jaguares en la Selva Organization reserve at the Center for Genetic Conservation of the Mexican Jaguar located in Yagul, Oaxaca. It was a 16-week effort in which the four-year-old pups have been guided so that they can re-adapt to the wild.

In the event each of the females are successful in finding a mate, officials say each could have as many as nine pups during their adult lifetime.