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Two Durango public city drivers fined for “user abuse” against obese women

Durango, Durango — The Durango Undersecretariat of Mobility and Transportation fined two public transport drivers for “user abuse” after they posted offensive messages against obese women on their units.

According to the state agency, the first sanction handed out by transport inspectors was to the driver of a city bus that had written on the window, “fat women pay x kilo”. He was also fined for failing to have a valid circulation card and driver’s license.

“At 8:30 p.m., Transport Inspectors located the indicated unit, corroborated the complaint and proceeded to lift the respective violation for mistreatment of the user, in addition to the sanction for lack of a card and license,” the Subsecretaría de Movilidad y Transportes Durango posted on social media.

A second city driver was also fined after he was publicly denounced for a sticker he had on a window of his taxi. The sticker depicted the crossed-out image of an overweight woman and the message “No carry fat”.

It was around noon Thursday when transport officials tracked down the taxi and its driver, who was also handed a fine of around 1,000 peso. In a brief social statement, the Durango Undersecretary of Mobility and Transportation urged public transportation drivers not to engage in these “offensive practices.”