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Two dead in Cancun warehouse payroll heist

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who was allegedly beaten by employees of a materials company has died. The man was assaulted by employees after being accused of being part of a payroll robbery Saturday.

The angered staff took matters into the own hands after the alleged robber fled in a getaway taxi that overturned near the warehouse. Several men from the building are reported to have rushed to the scene of the overturn where they managed to capture one of the men fleeing.

The young man, identified as 21-year-old Juan “C”, was reportedly physically assaulted by a group of the warehouse workers. He was taken to hospital in the back of a private pickup but died a few hours after being admitted.

The getaway taxi was found overturned near the site where warehouse workers are alleged to have captured and assaulted one of the men. Photo: November 25, 2023.

At least two other men are reported to have been part of the robbery that took place in SM 225 of Cancun Saturday. One other male, Dionisto “S”, died Saturday evening in hospital from a gunshot wound during the robbery. It is not clear how he was shot.

The heist happened just as workers were being paid Saturday afternoon. The armed group of men arrived in a taxi and entered the building where they began shooting before demanding the payroll cash.