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Two captured in 17 million Felipe Carrillo Puerto cash heist

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — To date, two men have been arrested in the multi-million peso cash heist of ejido money earlier this month. During the initial arrest of the first man, police located 1.2 million in cash.

That cash has since been returned to the Ejidos. However, other suspects believed involved in the heist along with more than 15 million pesos remains missing.

The State Attorney General has reported the found 1.2 million returned to the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Ejidal Commissioner. However, “Investigative Police continue the investigation of the case to clarify the events that occurred on November 10 of the current year,” they reported in a statement.

To date, Fabián “N” and Miguel Ángel “N” were both captured on outstanding arrest warrants for their alleged involvement in the heist of 17 million in cash. During the arrest of Miguel Ángel “N”, police found him in possession of 1.2 million pesos.