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Two arrested for kidnapping and beating of three Cancun men

Cancun, Q. R. — Two people have been arrested for the kidnapping of three men in Cancun. On Friday, elements of the Benito Juárez Municipal Secretary of Public Security announced the rescue of the three kidnapped men from SM 259.

Under the command of IM Lieutenant Commander, José Pablo Mathey Cruz, the men were freed while Francisco “N” and Christian “N” were arrested for their kidnapping.

Cancun police were tipped off that the three men were being beaten inside a home in SM 259. The area resident who made the report said they could hear screams coming from the Leona Vicario Avenue home as people were being hit with boards.

When searching the area address provided in the report, they found the three men inside a room of a small home being guarded by Francisco “N” and Christian “N”.

The three kidnapped men accused the two now-detained of kidnapping them and causing them injuries during their time in captivity.

During their arrests police located a replica of a firearm, cell phones, radio locators, a knife and two wooden boards. Two others from inside the home managed to flee before being arrested.