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Two accomplices detained in weekend mugging that left Cancun man dead in street

Cancun, Q.R. — Two additional suspects have been detained in the stabbing death of a Cancun man. The man died over the weekend after being stabbed while resisting a mugging. The stabbing happened on a public street in SM 101 Friday night.

Since then, Cancun police have arrested two additional subjects identified as José Ángel “N”, 23 years old originally from Cancun, and Edgar “C”, 36 from Yucatan. Both are accused of being involved in the Friday night stabbing death.

The first arrest, that of 22-year-old Filiberto “N”, was made shortly before the latest two were detained for their involvement. Both José Ángel “N” and Edgar “N” were arrested in SM 72 near Chichén Itzá Avenue after residential reports of a scandal on public roads.

After their arrests, both were identified as accomplices of Filiberto “N” in the stabbing death the night before.

On Friday night, a resident of SM 101 was stabbed and seriously injured when he resisted an assault. Relatives made the 911 report saying three men had approached him in the street in an attempted mugging. When he refused to hand over his valuables, he was stabbed.

Emergency medical personnel arrived and began to treat the stabbed man at the scene, but he died on the street.