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Turkish consulate could be next step for Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — With the new direct flights from Turkey to the Cancun International Airport, the municipality’s tourism head says that a Turkish consulate could be a next step.

The director of tourism of Benito Juárez, Francisco Lopez Reyes, talked about the possibility of opening Turkish Consulate in Cancun. He says that with the success of the new direct flights, it may be necessary, at some point, to open a consulate for Turkish travelers.

“Now that we have that flight from Turkey, there may be a need to be considering a Turkish consulate” he said. He says that having country-specific consulates provides greater security for international tourists.

Lopez Reyes added that over the coming months, they will collect data on the number of Turkish tourists that arrive in Cancun and present the information to the Turkish ambassador in Mexico City.