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Tulum police detain three at filter with guns in armored vehicle

Tulum, Q.R. — Three armed men found inside a police filter were arrested Sunday. Elements of the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) arrested Luis “N”, Eli Manuel “N” and Francisco “N” inside the municipality of Tulum.

The trio were pulled over at the Tulum police filter after officers saw a passenger in a truck traveling with a gun across his chest. When entering the municipality, “agents observed a white Mitsubishi that had transparent windows and was armored, which had three men on board. In the passenger seat, one of the men had a long weapon on his chest,” the SSC reported.

The vehicle was pulled over and those inside questioned. “The three subjects argued that they worked for a security company, so agents requested the information directly from the C5 Security Complex, which confirmed that the company they cited does not have an operating permit in the state,” the Secretaría de Seguridad (SSC) added.

“The subjects changed their attitude, becoming a little more aggressive for which the police officers requested a physical inspection.” During the inspection, officers located a long black weapon, two black magazines for a long weapon, a black glock 19 short weapon with two magazines for a short weapon and 70 .380-millimeter caliber cartridges.

“In the inspection of the vehicle, the agents detected a safe in the back, however, none of the three subjects had the combination to open it,” the agency said.

The firearms were confiscated and the vehicle removed by a tow truck to be taken to the corral, while the three men were arrested for the crime of disobedience and resistance.