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Tulum officials clean beaches, install sargassum barriers

Tulum, Q.R. — Authorities from the city of Tulum continue to move forward in beach sargassum collection and removal.

Tulum mayor, Víctor Mas Tah, supervised the Sargasso Collection Program that saw a clean up and installation of sargassum sea barriers. He says that more than 6,100 tons of seaweed has been removed from beaches over the past four weeks.

Mas Tah pointed out that advancements are being made in areas such as the beaches at Santa Fe, Pescadores, Maya, Paraíso, Mezzanine and Punta Piedra, noting that the city has also begun the placement of seaweed containment barriers as a test. If they prove successful, the city will keep them permanently placed.

“I recognize the titanic work being done by the city council staff, the providers of nautical services, hotel workers and employees hired through the Temporary Employment Program, which is proving positive since four weeks ago, the situation was difficult and now the presence of large amounts of algae in the sandbanks is being reduced,” he said.

Mas Tah says that he will make frequent visits to the areas to verify the progress of the collection of sargassum and the condition of the beaches.