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Tulum mayor says old electric poles, wiring to disappear

Tulum, Q.R. — Above ground poles and wires along Tulum Avenue are going to disappear says its mayor, Victor Mas Tah.

The mayor of Tulum says that they intend to modernize the city and that “poles and cables are going to disappear.” The work, which has already begun, will cost approximately 1.5 million peso.

“We want Tulum to continue being the favorite place for tourists and visitors, so we will continue working hand-in-hand with businessmen and citizens to achieve the progress of the entire municipality,” he said.

He said that the poles and cables “only contaminate the image of this beautiful place” and committed to generate more projects for the benefit of society “because with more infrastructure, we will generate greater well-being and a better image”.

The removal of the poles and wires will take approximately 75 days, he says adding that modern wires will prevent the distribution network from being affected during the hurricane season. Mas Tah says they will work as efficiently as possible to have the least amount of impact on tourism and businesses.

Mas Tah also explained that due to the elections, it was not possible to inform the public about the work project beforehand.

Last year, the town of Puerto Morelos also removed their overhead poles and electric wiring in the city center to opt for a more modern and visually-appealing image.