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Tulum mayor meets with state for sargassum strategies

Tulum, Q.R. — In a bid to find an effective solution to the sargassum problem, the municipal president of Tulum held a meeting with representatives of the state government to work on strategies.

Tulum mayor, Víctor Mas Tah, met with Navy Rear Admiral Enrique Flores and state government representative Juan de la Luz Enriquez, to discuss strategies to deal with the sargassum along its coast.

While they agreed that the best solution is to contain the sargassum off the coast in the sea, Flores says that strategy will have to wait at least eight months since the navy is short on boats. However, Mas Tah says that the government is willing to provide the necessary assistance in labor and technical attention in dealing with the problem, adding that the best proposal is to put containment buoy systems or deviation systems in the sea.

Sargassum that does reach Tulum beaches will be manually collected and disposed of at a site on land.

“The municipal government of Tulum has a site to dispose of the sargassum, so in the coming days, we will be able to prepare the site with a geomembrane to filter and prevent the leakage generated by the decomposition of the seaweed into the aquifer mantle,” he explained.

He says that he has been invited to state and federal government orders to meet every Monday morning to provide a follow-up to the sargassum situation. Mas Tah says the municipal government is committed to managing the Temporary Employment Program implemented to hire manual labor to remove washed-up sargassum from Tulum beaches.