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Tulum mayor condemns hotel for actions against Mayan speaking staff

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal has condemned the actions of a hotel against its staff after they were overheard speaking Mayan. On social media, Dzul released a video where, in his native Mayan tongue, he proceeded to condemn the acts of the managers of the Copal Hotel.

In supporting the workers, Caamal said that he will support those of the Copal Hotel who were discriminated against for speaking their Mayan language in an act that he said was outright discrimination that violates human rights.

“To my Mayan brothers who are suffering discrimination at the moment by managers of the Copal Hotel in Tulum, I want to tell you that your mayor is a Mayan like you.

“I am with you and I am showing you support with Human Rights legal advice due to the fact that they are forbidding staff to speak their mother tongue,” he said in his video.

The conflict exploded last week when an employee was fired, which led to a demonstration outside the hotel.

“Understand those who live here, who are in the land of the Mayas at least owe us that respect (…) discrimination cannot be allowed in this municipality of Tulum, so here is your municipal president to support you in this situation,” said the mayor.

While Spanish is the most common language spoken across Mexico, there is no official language. The government of Mexico acknowledges 364 of the country’s native languages. In the state of Quintana Roo in the region of Riviera Maya, Mayan is most commonly spoken among those from the south of the state.