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Tulum fighting sargasso head on says mayor

Tulum, Q.R. — The mayor of Tulum says they are working on the fight against the arrival of sargasso and, over the next few days, will present a work plan.

Mayor Víctor Mas Tah says Tulum is working on the fight against the problem of sargasso, and over the next few days, two seaweed deposit centers will be opened to avoid the sea grass from accumulating on the municipality’s beaches.

He says city council is working in coordination with various levels of the government to address the problem, however, he also says “We will not sit waiting with our arms crossed. We are looking for different alternatives with the corresponding dependencies to move the sargasso problem forward. We are concerned,” he stressed.

Mas Tah explained that over the next few days, he will present a local work plan in addition to what is coordinated with the state government and federal authorities to battle the unwanted seaweed.

“The Department of Urban Development and Ecology is working to open two sargasso reception centers so that businessmen and workers in public areas can deal with the sargasso since there is no final confinement area,” he added.

He emphasized that Tulum is combating the problem head-on, working on very specific schemes to address this problem since it is a priority, stressing that alternative solutions are being sought for the issue.

“It requires the participation of everyone, especially the business sector along the coastal area and the three levels of government through its different bodies. Tulum is a tourist destination that we have to take care of and we need to combat this phenomenon,” he said.