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Tulum city staff clear street garbage to help with flooding

Tulum, Q.R. — After heavy weekend rains that spilled over into Monday, Tulum city staff say they have been out on roadways clearing street drains that have become clogged due to excessive street garbage.

City personnel say they have been out manually clearing the tops of the street drains, which they have found clogged with large amounts of garbage, including plastics and other debris, which people throw in the streets.

Lucio Salvador Arguea, director of Civil Protection Tulum says this has caused the storm drain networks to overflow, affecting streets, pedestrians and even some homes. He says the constant rains that have been falling for the past two days, accompanied by some strong winds, have caused a variety of affects such as fallen trees, blackouts and flooding.

Salvador Arguea explains this is the reason city public service members along with fire and civil protection, have been out clearing the sewer covers.

He says Monday night, serious floods were recorded in several directions since the sewers were unable to properly drain the streets. He says they were found covered, full of garbage, adding that the problem is a of lack of education and awareness on the part of the population.

People are being asked to put garbage in bins and help by cleaning loose debris around their yards and streets since heavy rains remain in the forecast for at least one more day for the region.