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Tulum city council addresses infrastructure issues

Tulum, Q.R. — Municipal president Víctor Mas Tah says that this year they will work hard to address infrastructure issues of vital importance such as the saturation of the sanitary landfill, the municipal pantheon, street paving and the construction of the Xel-Há-Cobá tourist cycle path.

The General Director of Public Works and Services, Jorge Xiu Manzanero, acknowledged that after the of expansion of the sanitary sewer network by the Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA), it is now essential to repave streets.

Tulum city council says that regarding the sanitary landfill, they have held meetings with officials of the State Secretariat of Environment in an attempt to come up with immediate solutions to the saturation problem currently facing Tulum, which they report, is increasing every day.

Xiu Manzanero explained that as for the municipal pantheon, there are no longer spaces to continue horizontally, therefore, they are working on the construction of a building for families to place their deceased since there is no project plan to build a new cemetery.

Referring to the Xel-Há-Cobá tourist cycle pathway, Xiu Manzanero indicated that the topographic studies are already in talks with landowners along the federal highway to allow the construction of the pathway.

He notes that it is considered an important project since national and international visitors to the area enjoy biking and other non-pollution methods of travel.

He added that Mayor Víctor Mas Tah will announce the economic resources that will be used for infrastructure work in the municipal seat including Punta Allen, since his priority is to meet the needs of the municipality.