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Tulum adding tourist information booths to city streets

Tulum, Q. R. — The Government of Tulum has set up booths to provide information to visitors. Tulum head Marciano Dzul Caamal launched the project, saying the booths provide information in Spanish and English, as well as other languages.

The tourist information booths, he reported, are part of an ambitious tourism assistance plan in order to extend the stay of visitors and improve their experience while in the municipality.

The key to the strategy is to provide free advice, official guides and verified price lists of the attractions available through qualified personnel, posted in the tourist information modules.

The project is part of a strategy implemented by the Tourism Planning, Liaison and Professionalization Directorate led by Maribel Cruz Rodríguez, with support of the General Directorate of Tourism, headed by Geovanny Rafael Balam Andrade.

Cruz Rodríguez said that with these modules, city council is resuming its tourism responsibility.

“The tourist information modules arise from the need to have permanent spaces where truthful, concrete, timely information is provided with the warmth that tourists seek while on their trips.

“After years of neglect, we are inaugurating the first module of several that will come in the new year, since tourism is our primary activity and priority for the administration of our mayor, Marciano Dzul Caamal,” said the official.

Balam Andrade added that on orders of the mayor, additional modules will be set up from Akumal to San Silverio. “Our entire municipality is going to be covered by this program,” he said.

According to the project’s technical file, authorities are analyzing the installation of the kiosks for Cobá, Akumal, the Coastal Zone, Veleta and the Archaeological Zone.

Head of the Tourism Commission, Anahí Mendoza Samos, said they are surveying what needs to be done in the way of improving the tourist experience. He said that while the kiosks will improve the experience of tourists, it will also allow businesses to determine where other improvements can be made.

“Surveys are going to be done in the modules which are going to help us a lot so that entrepreneurs know what they need to improve on,” he said.

The tourist information modules are opened from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.