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Trucks to restart unloading stone at Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The Cuban vessels carrying stone for the Maya Train are on their way back to Puerto Morelos after being sheltered at Cozumel. Armando Lara, head of the Secretariat for Territorial, Sustainable Urban Development (Sedetus), said the strong winds forced the relocation of the vessel, but it is coming back.

“Because of the winds that was here 15 days ago, the ship had to move to shelter in Cozumel and that took us 10 days, but it is coming back,” he said.

He announced that this week, the Cuban vessel will return to the coast of Puerto Morelos to continue with the unloading of the material. He said that when it arrives for the second time, it will be anchored in a different place than where it anchored upon its original arrival.

Lara Denigris added that in parallel, they are working on the processing of the provisional permit for the construction of the alternative road they intend to use for the trucks that are unloading the stone.