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Truck shot up and set on fire in troubled Cancun suburb

Cancun, Q.R. — Police were at the scene of a vehicle fire in the Cancun suburb of Bonfil early Tuesday. Municipal authorities along with military responded to the report of the burning truck after shots were also fired.

In a statement, the State Attorney General (FGE) reported briefly on the event saying “in coordination with municipal, state and federal authorities, the FGE responded to the report of an incident in SM 308 of the Deleg. Alfredo V. Bonfil in the Benito Juárez municipality (Cancun), where no injuries were reported.

“Given the report, security corporations came to address the events. Elements of the H. Fire Department also arrived who found a vehicle with bullet holes which was consumed by fire.

“The State Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation to find the person or persons responsible.”

The vehicle was fired upon and set on fire Tuesday morning in Bonfil, the troubled suburb town of Cancun. The burned vehicle is reported to have been an armored criminal truck that was targeted by a group of armed subjects on Baja California Street.

Police were made aware of the situation after residential reports of gunfire. What they heard was the vehicle being riddled with bullets. Military personnel arrived to cordon off the area and help in the search for those responsible.