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Trio chased down after Playa del Carmen robbery

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three men were arrested for their alleged participation in the robbery of a business in the Misión del Carmen neighborhood. Authorities captured the trio after a chase when they attempted to flee at the sight of police.

The arrest occurred during a surveillance operation when patrolling police noticed three subjects leaving a store on Colosio Avenue, who, upon noticing their presence, fled. Two of the men boarded a vehicle while the third fled on foot.

A chase ensured. The man fleeing on foot pulled out a screwdriver and attempted to wound one of the officers. After ignoring warnings to lower his weapon and reaching into his pocket for another, a shot was fired, injuring the man in his leg. He was then taken into custody.

Other officers were successful in capturing the two who fled in a vehicle. They too were captured along Avenida CTM and taken into custody. Paramedics arrived to tend to the injured man. The three were arrested and handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office.