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Tren Maya engine failure delays Palenque to Cancun passengers

Tren Maya News — Early morning Tren Maya passengers were left delayed Wednesday after a train engine failed. Passengers at the Palenque, Chiapas station were late getting to Cancun after a train engine failed along the journey in Campeche.

The head of the Tren Maya station in Chiapas reported the engine failure that caused a two hour delay for the Palenque, Chiapas to Cancun, Quintana Roo departure after the train broke down at the San Francisco station in Campeche.

A Tren Maya station manager in Palenque alerts platform passengers to the delay. Photo: January 3, 2023.

The failed engine caused a delay for passengers taking the 7:00 a.m. Palenque train bound for Cancun Wednesday morning. While a Tren Maya station manager explained the situation to waiting passengers on the platform, ticket purchasers were officially notified by email of the cancellation of the 7:00 a.m. departure, which was rescheduled for 9:00 a.m.

“We regret to inform you that the 7:00 a.m. train on the Palenque-Cancun route has been canceled. For this reason, a single departure will be made at 9:00 a.m. reassigning your seat to the available places on the next train.

The failed train engine occurred at the Campeche station as it was heading for Cancun. Photo: January 3, 2024.

“If your station of origin is different from Palenque, consider a delay time of approximately two hours compared to the purchased time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” Tren Maya reported.

It was the first known failure of the Tren Maya system since it begun running in late 2023.