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Three taken in for the kidnapping, murder of man removed from Cancun bar

Cancun, Q.R. — UPDATED: Authorities in Cancun have reported the arrest of three males believed related to the kidnapping of a man from a Cancun bar earlier this month. In a press release, the FGE reported the detainment of José “A” Jesús “P” and Manuel “G” for their probable participation in the death of the unidentified man.

The FGE says the trio were captured in relation to the November 13 kidnapping and subsequent murder of a young male. The three were arrested after investigators were able to identify two vehicles used on the day of the kidnapping.

With help from the C-5 Centre in Cancun, police were able to locate one of those two vehicles. From inside, they arrested the three men.

“As a result of surveillance in various sectors of the city, and with the support of technology available to the Prosecutor’s Office in coordination with the C5, on November 19, it was possible to locate one of the vehicles in that the three subjects were traveling,” they reported.

Using the bar’s surveillance system, the FGE says after their arrest, “it was possible to establish that the physiognomic features of the detainees coincide with three of the subjects who participated in the deprivation of the freedom of the now-murder victim.”

The Attorney General says they have been successful in identifying the man seen being removed from the Cancun bar on surveillance video as the same man later found dead.

“The lifeless body was located on the same date in the streets of superblock 75 in the municipality of Benito Juárez,” they agency reported.

UPDATED: The FGE says since the arrests, they searched a home in the La Joya subdivision of Cancun where they located a weapon used in the shooting. “As a result of the search warrant, a caliber 9 mm firearm and 16 rounds of ammunition was secured.

“The firearm, a semi-automatic Parabellum, which had the license plate erased, corresponds to the same firearm related to the homicide.”

The FGE also said that three additional arrest warrants have been issued for three more people believed related to the kidnapping and murder.