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Three detained after Cancun police exchange gunfire with criminals

Cancun, Q.R. — The head of public security posted a social media warning to area residents in SM 43 Wednesday night, after police exchanged gunfire with a group of men. Shots could be heard throughout the neighborhood as police pursued a group of criminals along Ébano Street.

It was shortly after 7:00 p.m. when Alberto Capella Ibarra, the Secretary of Public Security, posted the Cancun alert to residents on social media asking them to avoid the area.

“ALERTA CANCÚN. In Supermanzana 43 a confrontation between our police and alleged criminals. There are already detainees and weapons secured. Please avoid the area.”

The confrontation, he noted, resulted in the arrest of three. The exchange of gunfire erupted between the men and police during a patrol near Del Bosque Avenue when police reportedly witnessed a man outside a home carrying a long rifle.

Patrolling police quickly became involved when they approached the home. Gunfire ensued between the criminals and police, which eventually led to their arrests. They were transferred to Cancun police facilities for processing.