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Three Cancun youths videoed savagely beating others captured in Playa del Carmen

Cancun, Q.R. — Three youths from a group that were videoed aggressively kicking, punching and beating two others into hospitalization have been arrested. On Thursday afternoon, the State Attorney General’s Office reported on the arrests of Javier Alexis “N”, Rolando Jesús “N” and Ángel Gabriel “N”.

All three were detained in Playa del Carmen and are alleged “as three of the main aggressors of the attack.” A video of a group of youths beating and kicking the two downed teenagers in separate incidents went viral Sunday after the Saturday night attacks.

In the FGE statement, “according to the video spread through social networks, on the day of the events, a group of subjects, among whom were Javier Alexis “N”, Rolando Jesús “N” and Ángel Gabriel “N”, attacked two young men in a treacherous manner using blunt objects, until leaving them unconscious.”

The latest attack, which occurred on September 9, in Cancun was videoed and uploaded to social media.

One of the hospitalized was a 20-year-old university student, Brayan “E”, who was attacked in SM 201 of Cancun while at a party. About half a minute of his attack was videoed and uploaded. During the attack, no one intervened.

He was one of two youths physically beaten outside the party and hospitalized with extensive injuries including skull fractures.

“The attackers were arrested in Playa del Carmen where they changed addresses on different occasions to remain fugitives from justice,” the FGE added. Local authorities continue in their search for the others involved.

In the circulating videos, at least six people participated, while at least three others, not including those videoing, stood by and watched. A motive for the attacks has not been released.