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Three Cancun men arrested in Yucatan for avoiding sanitary filter

Tizimín, Yucatan — Three men from the state of Quintana Roo were detained by Tizimín municipal police officers after trying to enter the city evading sanitary health filters.

The three were arrested after they decided to avoid the filter and chose to access the city through the X’huencal gap that leads to Tizimín, however, along the way, their vehicle was stopped by police.

After reviewing their documents and learning the trio were from Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo, they were arrested and transferred to the municipal command where they were jailed for 24-hours. Once released, they will then be escorted out of the city to their original state.

Arrested were 47-year-old H.C.M., 40-year-old Miguel A.M.P. and 30-year-old Gilberto C.R.H.

Yucatan Police Director Roberto Pacheco Aranda said “On the dirt road of the X’huencal section, more than 10 outsiders have been arrested for trying to enter the city.

“Our elements that are in the daily filters have to bare insults and negative attitudes from people who are not allowed to enter the city, as we have been doing the above as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic.”

He says that there are around 80 vehicles a day that are rejected from entering the city in through the installed filters.