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Three arrested in Puerto Morelos for promoting prostitution

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Three men have been taken into custody in Puerto Morelos after they were found distributing leaflets promoting prostitution.

The three were arrested by municipal police after two of the men were seen acting suspiciously. Police were performing surveillance tours for the Sunday elections when they happened upon the pair.

After a review of the two men, police found they were handing out leaflets offering prostitution services. While arresting the two men, a third man arrived to defend his employees, which is when he was also arrested.

In custody, police have 22-year-old Ángel Antonio O.F. and 23-year-old Cristian Alberto O.C. both from Cancún and 35-year-old Mercer O.M. from Isla Mujeres, who is the alleged boss.

The three men will be presented before the Attorney General.