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Third sargasso house being built in Puerto Morelos for donation to low income family

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Another sargasso house has been started for construction in Puerto Morelos which when complete, will be donated to a low income family.

Owner of the company Blue Green México, Omar Sánchez Vázquez, began the construction of what will be the third sargasso house to be built in the area. Of the other two homes, the second was also donated to a family in need.

The third house to be built with algae will be a custom made two-bedroom home with building adjustments for people with disabilities. Sánchez Vázquez says he expects this home to be ready in mid-March. He says this house will be considered inclusive since it is being constructed for a low-income family with two disabled children.

This house, he says, will require more than 20 tons of sargasso. When complete, it will have a full living room, dining room, two bedrooms and a kitchen and bathroom that will have been adapted for those with disabilities.

The first home to be constructed of sargasso bricks was built in September in Puerto Morelos to show its thermal, economic and resistance factors. The second home constructed of the seaweed bricks was given to a family of limited resources in Leona Vicario.

The sargasso home builder has recently announced the construction of a hotel set for Tulum that will also be made of the seaweed bricks.