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Thick black smoke seen rising from Turicun Cancun property

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun authorities responded to the report of a fire inside the Turicun transport company Saturday. From outside the property, thick clouds of black smoke could been seen, which is what neighbors reported.

Firemen made their way to the Miguel Hidalgo Avenue site where they located the early afternoon fire. However, staff from inside the gated property tried to refuse passage to emergency personnel.

Three firetrucks with eight firemen arrived but were unable to begin the task of extinguishing the fire since staff wound not let them in. Police and Civil Protection personnel were called so firemen could enter the property.

After a disucssion, the onsite private security were forced to open the metal gates for firemen to access the fire.

In less than an hour, Cancun firemen had the black burning blaze under control, which started in nearby vegetation and had quickly spread to an area of abandoned equipment generating the black smoke.

The burned area of 100 x 50 meters consisted of tires and a variety of plastics as well as oil containers. Authorities have not provided a cause for the fire.