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SUV believed used in high-impact crimes located in Costa Maya

Costa Maya, Q.R. — State authorities have reported finding several pieces of camouflaged military clothing as well as ammunition and a vehicle believed used in recent high-impact crimes.

The items were found by members of the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security in the state’s southern region during a surveillance tour. While on tour near Quintana Roo’s sugar cane region, they received a radio alert of armed men traveling the Costa Maya area in an SUV.

Agents implemented a search operation to locate the reported SUV. Their searches were extended to the sugarcane areas, which is where they found the vehicle. Nearby police officers were alerted to the finding of the reported gray SUV on a dirt road approximately 1.5 kilometers from the Juan Sarabia-Villahermosa federal highway.

The new model vehicle was found abandoned among overgrowth. Inside, officers found four magazines, three of which were loaded, along with additional ammo and military clothing.

The found SUV is believed used in a recent Costa Maya incident where a rural police unit was stolen.