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Suspect remains in custody for shooting two of his Playa del Carmen neighbors

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A suspect accused of shooting two of his neighbors in central Playa del Carmen remains in police custody. On Thursday, a neighbor dispute between three residents left two with gunshot wounds.

Municipal Police were called to the Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhood Thursday after other neighbors reported a fight. When police arrived, it was to a bloody scene where a man and a woman had been shot and the shooter, gone.

A search of the area located the man, who, according to area residents, was known for his aggressive attitude. Police found him not far from the scene wearing a bloodied shirt.

In a brief statement the State Attorney General said police “arrested a subject for the possible crime of homicide. After a search operation, the Preventive Police located 55-year-old Arcadio “N”, accused of shooting and injuring two people with a firearm after an argument in a quarters located on 22nd Street between 30th and 35th Avenues of the Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhood.

“The victims received medical attention at the scene and were taken to the hospital, while the detainee was placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office.”