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Survey says Cancun residents report decrease in insecurity issues

Cancun, Q.R. — A new federal report says that the city of Cancun has seen a six-point decrease in insecurity perception this year, placing it above the national average for government effectiveness.

According to a federal report released by el Instituto Nacional de Geografía y Estadística (Inegi), the city of Cancun has achieved security results during the past year with an increase in arrests and a decrease in high-impact crimes.

The survey, which included Cancun, is part of a nation-wide study by la Encuesta Nacional de Seguridad Pública Urbana who report that insecurity perception by residents fell 6.6 percent from September of 2018.

Data from the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública of the Federal Government indicate that while in Mexico the criminal incidence increased 0.55 percent, so far this year, it has decreased in Quintana Roo by 8.2 percent.

The survey also pointed out that when questioned about the effectiveness of their government, 31 percent of Quintana Roo residents who participated in the survey agreed it was effective, exceeding the national average of 26.8 percent.

Their results show that Quintana Roo ranks fourth with the greatest reduction in crime rates, which were also recorded in Yucatán, Puebla and Tabasco, however, more than 86 percent of Cancun residents say insecurity is still an issue for the city.

As explained recently by the Secretary of Public Security, Alberto Capella Ibarra, 180,000 people have been arrested in the state for high-impact crimes including homicide, attempted homicide, drug trafficking, vehicle theft, business theft, kidnapping and extortion.