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Surveillance and signage increased at Puerto Morelos beaches

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Surveillance and signage have been increased in Puerto Morelos to prevent people from entering beaches and further increasing Covid infection numbers. City Council General Secretary Miguel Ángel Zetina says “this is not the time to let our guard down or relax the prevention measures that have been implemented, since the health and life of people depend on it.”

His statement comes as the municipality announces an increase in surveillance by police and Civil Protection personnel. Large signs have been placed along the town’s beaches. Zetina Cuevas reiterated that during the new normal due to SARS-CoV-2, public spaces such as beaches, parks and sports units remain closed.

“Puerto Morelos remains the municipality with the fewest confirmed infections according to official information from health authorities, and continuing with this trend is everyone’s responsibility,” he added.

“As our municipal president Ms. Laura Fernández Piña has indicated, this is an extra effort that we must make to not throw away everything we have achieved so far, which is the gradual restart of activities including tourism, which is the engine of our economy,” he explained.

He says that police presence will be increased at beach accesses along with elements of Civil Protection Coordination to invite people to return to their homes. He noted that this weekend, two filters new will be installed, the first in Bahía Petempich and the other at Crococun. He says both can only be accessed by those who can prove they work there and / or that they are residents or visitor staying in the area.

He stressed that the Directorate of Inspection will monitor businesses with concessions not place lounge chairs on beaches, but still be able to provide food and drink services within their facilities, taking care of sanitary protocols, adding that nautical tour companies will not be suspended.

To date, the municipality of Puerto Morelos has 25 confirmed cases and 8 deaths.