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Subjects open fire on Cancun home killing all four inside

Cancun, Q.R. — Three adults were found dead inside a Cancun home Tuesday afternoon. Police responded to reports of an armed attack inside a private residence in SM 103.

When they arrived, they found three dead adults and a fourth person seriously wounded. The fourth person later died in hospital. The four adults were surprised by the attack.

They were sitting at a dinner table when armed subjects entered the home and began shooting. Two of the deceased were found laying on the floor beside the table. One was still seated. The fourth was located on the floor and transferred to hospital where he later died.

Cancun Police have not reported on the arrests of any suspects. They did provide a briefing on the shooting saying “The emergency number 911 received reports of several injured by firearm projectiles inside a home in region 103 on West 48th Street in Cancun.

“Police and emergency elements confirmed that three people no longer had vital signs at the scene, one more person who was injured was transferred by paramedics to the Cancun General Hospital for specialized medical care.”

That person, the fourth male adult, died around two hours after being admitted.