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Strike possible for PDC store after talks and no agreement

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — Employees of a central Playa del Carmen Walmart are nearing a strike since an agreement has not been reached. State head of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers (CROC), Martín de la Cruz Gómez said that to date, neither side has been able to come to an agreement.

Talks have been sporadic after two work stoppages by employees of the centrally located chain. Twice this month, Walmart workers protested outside the store on claims of unpaid wages and bonuses.

After nearly two weeks of discussions, an agreement between the two sides has not been reached. De la Cruz says that a lawsuit will be presented which will demand the payment of overtime in accordance with the Federal Labor Law, which represents 20,000 pesos a year for each worker as well as compliance with eight-hour working hours, with normalized meal times, among other benefits.

The CROC leader in the state acknowledged that the state Labor Department was unable to mediate the conflict. CROC said that next week, they will notify the company to begin with the hearings and enter into conciliation.