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State Secretary says talks between government and Uber positive

Cancun, Q.R. — Talks between government authorities, taxi drivers and Uber continues reports the State Secretary. Cristina Torres says talks between the Government of Quintana Roo and State Congress, as well as representatives of taxi drivers and the Uber company are advancing positively.

Talks were resumed in Cancun during the long weekend. Torres says they are discussing the conditions of the public transport service.

After various meetings held in the C5 in Cancun, important consensus and agreements have been reached for the benefit of Quintana Roo citizens as well as the millions of passengers who visit the state.

The meetings have been lead by the Secretary of Government, Cristina Torres, who says that all voices are heard and a dignified service for Quintana Roo residents and visitors built.

She added that the talks have made it possible to work with representatives of Congress to achieve in law, the common benefit that they maintain high public transport standards in the state.

Torres did not comment on whether or not Uber could still be legalized by the end of March as previously thought.