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State Secretary says budget exists for Tren Maya damage repair

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Money has been set aside to repair damage to roads occurring during the construction of Tren Maya. State Secretary Cristina Torres Gómez says roads damaged due to Maya Train construction will be repaired once the train project is finished.

She says the state has a budget for the work. Her comments came after residents in several southern communities complained about the destruction of their roads used during their harvest seasons.

Torres says residents need to be patient until the train project is complete and there is no longer heavy machinery traveling those roads, the same machinery that has caused the damage.

“There is a schedule that must be met and commitments that were made after the completion of the train project. Obviously we will be attentive to ensuring that these commitments are met.

“Many people expect that the repair of the streets and roads will be simultaneous but that is not possible because if they want the repair and the trucks supplying material keep passing, the roads will remain exactly the same.

“We have to wait for the project to be finished and the passage of heavy trucks through the area to end so we can begin the reconstruction of the roads,” she explained.

Torres says agreements, which were signed before start of the Tren Maya project, were made with guaranteed budget sufficiency and with the surveillance of the state government, who is responsible for mediating situations and ensuring that the commitments made are met.

Torres also pointed out that in some instances, road repairs on finished sections have been stalled due to land ownership.