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State government delivers additional patrols to help with Tulum security issues

Tulum, Q.R. — The state government has delivered new patrol units for the municipality of Tulum. Governor Carlos Joaquín says the municipality is growing very fast and urgently needs order and harmonious development to have greater security.

A total of 16 new units were delivered to the General Directorate of Public Safety and Traffic of Tulum. The 10 trucks and six ATVs have already been put into operation. Eight of the trucks were designated for Public Safety, while two were earmarked for Municipal Transit.

The six ATVs were donated by local businesses and will be used to contribute to the surveillance of the coast and beach areas.

Carlos Joaquin has called for a plan for responsible management, social development and compliance with laws to inhibit insecurity and seek a better distribution of wealth to avoid poverty, an underlying cause for crime.

An increase in city security cameras linked to the C5 command center is also on the agenda. Joaquín says with that, it will be possible to advance in the recovery of the image of Tulum as a successful destination with an internationally known brand.

Tulum mayor Marciano Dzul thanked Carlos Joaquín for working in a coordinated manner to help prevent crime in the tourist destination.

“Today, Tulum needs to feel safe. That is why I thank the governor for his support to make this possible. We are launching these units to patrol the streets of the municipality. Coordinated work will always give better results,” Dzul said.