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State foreign direct investment highest in 12 years

Cancun, Q.R. — This first semester of the year, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) received by Quintana Roo was the highest its been in the last 12 years.

Bernardo Cueto Riestra, director of el Financiamiento y Desarrollo del Estado (Idefin), says the investments correspond to $309 million dollars, adding that they have already signed agreements with 13 business chambers to attract additional investments and diversify the economy.

“This first half of 2019, according to figures from the Ministry of Economy, we received $309 million dollars of Foreign Direct Investment. This is more than last year, which was 200 in the first half. This figure shows us quite positive perspectives,” he stated.

The director stressed that they want to continue growing, and that is why they signed the agreement “Investment Alliance” with those who propose generating public policies to encourage investments, more state promotions and a diversity of the economy so that opportunities are not only related to the tourism industry.

“What we are looking for is a joint strategy with the businessmen of Quintana Roo, especially those represented in the business chambers throughout the state. We announce our new strategy through our investment promotion platform, which is Pro Quintana Roo, through which we develop information strategies for potential investors,” he said.

“Strategies have been restructured to give more information to the investor, to be able to communicate in a more effective way the economic events of our state and the figures that benefit decision-making for future investors,” he said adding, “What we are looking for is that month-after-month, the strategies are reinforced.”

The strategy is then to generate public policies that make greater investments possible.

“The state already has many opportunities generated from tourism, such as connectivity, but it also has federal projects that generate positive perspectives such as the Maya Train that we must take advantage of to boost other sectors. We want to show investors opportunities in other sectors,” he said.