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State continues to evaluate possible return to classes

Cancun, Q.R. — The head of the Ministry of Education has announced that officials are working on a plan to see students return to the classroom. Education head Ana Isabel Vásquez Jiménez says that although they are working on a plan, there is still no official return date.

“We have to plan whether for October, November, December or January, how we are going to return. Our plan does not establish a date, but it does consider a gradual and staggered return, that is, we cannot return to the normality to which we were accustomed, but by small groups, by classrooms, by spaces of hours,” she said.

During a morning interview, Vásquez Jiménez said that the situation has been very complicated in the teaching of online classes not only for students and parents, but also for teachers who “work three times as long even though it is not visible.”

She said that at this time, it’s not possible to say if students would return to face-to-face classes even if the epidemiological light were green since the decision does not depend on the education sector, but on the behavior of the entire population and the health sector, “which evaluates with scientific criteria, the implications that returning to the classroom would have.”

She added that “for now, we must continue and not abandon public or private schools. It is happening all over the world. Yes, we are going to face several years of fighting against educational backwardness, but we must be patient and work to recover as a state, as a country and as humanity.”