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Southern Ejidos agree to sell land for Maya Train after government begins expropriation process

Costa Maya, Q.R. — After the start of expropriation of their land by the federal government, the Juan Sarabia Ejido have agreed to sell. Over the weekend, the southern Ejidos, who earlier this month refused the government’s proposal, changed their mind.

The Juan Sarabia Ejidos, who were holding up the start of section 7 of the Maya Train, have agreed to sell the 120 hectares of their land required by the government. The change of heart came days after the announcement of the start of expropriation procedures to claim the land for project use.

Last month, the federal government met with six groups of southern Ejidos where land sale prices were agreed upon for Maya Train use. Of the six involved, only five groups agreed to the prices.

The sixth group, the Juan Sarabia Ejidos, refused the government’s price of 140 peso per square meter, instead, asking for 250. During a weekend meeting, 431 of the 598 Ejido members voted in favor of selling for the government’s offer of 170 peso per square meter.