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Solidaridad firefighters douse 18 fires ahead of official season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Solidaridad fire fighters have attended to 18 fires already this year ahead of the official fire season. Alejandro Contreras, Director of the Solidaridad Fire Department said that while trying to prepare for the forest fire season, they have already dealt with 18 brush fires.

“Since mid-February, the reports of brush fires began, that is in green areas. To date, we have already attended to 18 non-forestry fires,” he said noting that the 18 fires were out-of-control brush and garbage burns.

“We work in coordination with Civil Protection and the National Forestry Commission to maintain a state of force and be prepared for when the forest fires come,” he added.

He added that they also work with the Secretariat of Agricultural to train their staff as well as ejidos interested in fighting fires volunatrily.

Contreras said that last year, they dealt with 431 fires of which only 11 were forest fires, and the rest in vacant lots, clandestine dumps and brush.