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Six dead in Yucatan ambulance, trailer highway accident

Motul, Yucatan — During the early morning hours of Monday, an accident between an ambulance and tractor trailer claimed the lives of six and injured seven.

The accident happened around 5:00 a.m. along the Mérida-Motul highway when an ambulance crashed into a tractor trailer. According to preliminary data, at least six people lost their lives on impact and seven more injured.

Reports say the tractor trailer was attempting a u-turn across the highway, completely blocking oncoming lanes. Since is was still dark, the ambulance did not see the unit in time. The ambulance was taking residents of the municipality of Dzoncauich for medical check- ups in the Yucatecan capital when the tragedy occurred.

The ambulance driver has been listed as one of the deceased. Police have reported that six people from the ambulance died on scene and that the injured were taken to the O’Horán de Mérida Hospital.

The road was closed by Federal Police and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) at the Mocochá junction while staff of the Forensic Medical Service removed the bodies.

Reports say that the driver of the tractor trailer unit that caused the accident, fled the scene.