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Seven detained in Cancun drug bust being looked into for high impact crimes

Cancun, Q.R. — Seven people arrested in Cancun on drug related charges are being investigated for high impact crimes. On Wednesday, elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) , arrested the group from SM 102.

They were seen standing near two cars on a public street exchanging small bags and cash. They boarded those vehicles and tried to escape the area once police were seen, however, they were intetcepted.

An inspection revealed nearly 200 bags of recreation drugs. The SSC says Moisés “N”, 29, Víctor “N”, 34, Carlos “N”, 33, José “N”, 58, Alfredo “N”, 53, Valeria “N”, 25 and Josué “N”, 34 were taken into police custody on Avenida José López Portillo.

During the inspection, 66 doses of marijuana, 39 doses of crystal, 103 doses of crack and 820 pesos in cash were seized among personal items including cell phones and both vehicles.

Cancun police are investigating all seven for their possible relation to high impact crimes around the city.