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Semi overturns on Cancun highway causing traffic chaos

Cancun, Q.R. — A semi rollover in Cancun created a long line of traffic congestion and left three injured after colliding with a truck.

The congestion last more than two hours as officials attempted to deal with the semi who was carrying a load of concrete. The rollover happened at the highway exit out of Cancun leading to the Cancún-Mérida roadway.

The accident was recorded at 8:30 a.m., leaving both lanes of the highway completely closed for more than two hours, when one lane was finally reopened.

The semi, which landed on its side, skidded to a stop across both lanes. While a tow truck was required to up-right the unit, workmen were also called in to deal with the dozens of bags of cement that were scattered along the roadside.

The traffic agents reported that the accident occurred due to the imprudence of the driver of the trailer who lost control and zigzagged several meters before overturning onto its right side. It was this action that caused it to collide with the truck.

The drivers of both vehicles and a passenger of the truck were injured and were assisted by paramedics for their transfer to a private hospital.