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Section 6 Maya Train workers protest against working conditions

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A group of Maya Train workers from Felipe Carrillo Puerto protested their working conditions Monday morning. The group said they lacked proper equipment to do their jobs. They were also demanding being paid their agreed salaries.

More than two dozen workers gathered to protest the working conditions on section 6 of the Maya Train in the south. The group protested after working on that section for just over two months.

They accused their work manager, Noel N, of failing to provide them with equipment such as helmets and vests and deducting 600 peso per pay period for unknown reasons. According to at least two of the protesting workers, Noel N has been made aware of their grievances, but has failed to respond.

The section 6 Maya Train workers say they will not start working again until a higher rank meets with them.