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Riviera Maya officials start the process of righting more than two decades of real estate wrongs

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Government of Quintana Roo has begun to work to right more than 20 years of real estate wrongs involving Riviera Maya families. State government officials along with the Secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), Román Meyer Falcón, met Saturday.

The two sides met to start work that will finally see more than 5,000 families in Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood obtain property deeds.

The meeting to move forward was held as a result of the legal seizure of the Playa del Carmen company Desarrolladora de la Riviera Maya or DeRiMaya. The company played a hand in the lack of property titles for families in that area.

The government of Quintana Roo, headed by Mara Lezama, managed to recover, after a long but effective trial, various properties against DeRiMaya. With that win, the state can now begin the process of providing legal property deeds to their rightful owners.

Involved in the deed process from the federal government are Secretary Meyer Falcón, the Undersecretary of Urban Development and Housing, Daniel Octavio Fajardo Ortiz and the General Director of Insus, José Alfonso Iracheta Carroll.

The two sides met Saturday to start the regularization process of issuing more than 5,000 property deeds to Playa del Carmen families. Photo: Govt. QR June 8, 2024.

On behalf of the Government of Quintana Roo, the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedatu), Armando Lara De Nigris, the head of the Governor’s office, José de la Peña and the head of the Strategic Projects Agency (Agepro), José Alberto Alonso Ovando are also participating.

The thirteenth Councilor of the Municipality of Solidaridad, Marciano Toledo Sánchez, celebrated the start of the project for the regularization of the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood by the Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (Sedatu) and the Government Secretariat of the State of Quintana Roo.

Marciano Toledo Sánchez is seen here outside the now defunct Playa del Carmen real estate company.

He confirmed the process began after the seizure of the Riviera Maya company DeRiMaya, which still faces some legal issues. He said the project is moving ahead thanks to the political will of Governor Mara Lezama.

In a post Saturday, Governor Lezama celebrated the meeting.

“Social justice for the residents of the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood in Solidaridad! After 25 years of waiting, the process of regularizing properties began to the benefit more than 5,000 families as a result of the joint work between the Government of Quintana Roo and the Secretariat of Territorial and Urban Development, headed by Román Meyer Falcón.

“We continue working to provide legal certainty to the people of Quintana Roo, one of our main objectives.”

Toledo Sánchez said another area under the microscope is nearly 40 hectares of Chenzubul property that DeRiMaya tried to sell to private individuals. It is coastal property of the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood and the city wants to protect it.

The building was seized and at least two woman charged for more than 250 million in real estate fraud.

“We wrote a letter asking President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to rescue this property on the coast of the Colosio neighborhood explaining that the company, that spurious company, tried to sell it to individuals but without success.

“Now what we are looking for is to make an ecological park for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

According to Toledo Sánchez, more than 5,000 families have been left without legal property deeds to their land for nearly 25 years due to the lack of regularization.

“It is good that Sedatu and the National Institute of Sustainable Land have already sat down to work on this regularization because it has been a demand for many years by the people who live in the Colosio.

“The trial must continue and they must pay for everything they stole,” Toledo Sánchez said.

More than 5,000 Riviera Maya families were affected by the fraudulent company.

“The money that was stolen from people could be used for this ecological park. That is why it is important that we investigate where they put the money and return it, so that an ecological park can be built at the height of this destination so that it is also a tourist attraction and an example to the world of what we can do,” he added.

In May, two Playa del Carmen women from the DeRiMaya real estate company wanted for 250 million in fraud were captured in a Tijuana airport heading for the U.S. They have since been returned to the state of Quintana Roo where they are facing charges of real estate fraud.