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Riviera Maya highway could be next traffic nightmare

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Additional highway congestion could be expected sometime this year with the rehabilitation of the road between Cancun and PDC. On Sunday, Governor Mara Lezama made mention of the likeliness of an overhaul project that would see the Riviera Maya highway repaired.

Lezama reported that the federal government has gradually guaranteed the rehabilitation of that section of federal highway, the section that passes through Riviera Maya.

She specified that it is the same areas of highway that has suffered wear and tear, the development of sinkholes and hurricane damage as well as damage due to the Maya Train project.

“I have talked with the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation. I brought it to the table with the President of the Republic and there will be an overhaul. We are talking about the work to be done and also the issue of the train and the wear and tear of the road itself,” she said.

“We are talking, not just with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation, but also with Civil Protection since it is an issue with them and of course, we are going to work to gradually achieve highway rehabilitation,” she added.

Mara Lezama indicated that among the proposals that have been delivered to the President of Mexico, one is the improvement of the Riviera Maya section of federal highway, which has been accepted within the various projects being carried out in the state.