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Report of illegal fishing leads to Mahahual drug find

Mahahual, Q.R. — What started out as an illegal pink snail fishing report has ended in a drug find along a beach outside the town of Mahahual.

According to a Navy report, the Marina-Armada de México was alerted to a boat suspected of illegally fishing pink snails off the coast of Mahahual. Members of the navy headed out to sea by boat while a helicopter hovered overhead, reporting the sight of a small fishing vessel in biosphere waters.

On board the vessel, navy personnel were able to detect three crew members that they were ready to apprehend for the illegal fishing, however, once the crew noticed the navy moving in, they opened their engines full-throttle and headed for shore.

Outpacing the navy vessel, the boat and its three crew landed on a beach where they ran for cover, evading arrest.

Once the Navy reached the abandoned boat, they report finding a discarded bag containing 50 bags of marijuana. The helicopter reported the three ran for a parked car that was discovered two kilometers down the road.

The Marina-Armada de México seized the boat, bags of drugs and car. No arrests were made.